Businness Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is the name given to processes, methods that enable us to make raw data more meaningful and useful by processing. Business Intelligence helps identify and develop new projects by processing large amounts of data. Our fields of study are generally the highest amount of raw data that can be processed. We see business intelligence applications in finance sector, telecommunication, retail sector, energy, public sector, health and all other sectors.

Why Do We Need Business Intelligence?

We are in a world full of globalized competition. While the economy is improving somewhere, it is deteriorating somewhere. In such a risky environment, all institutions fall into a difficult process to manage. Companies need to make a much faster and more accurate decision not to fall behind their competitors. As a result, the need for business intelligence has increased with the increase in the number of decisions that need to be made in unit time.

The most important feature of Business Intelligence solutions is to provide enterprises with great efficiency in reporting and analysis. When business intelligence solutions are used, reports are prepared instantly with real-time data. Thus, there is much healthier results in analysis.

Decision support mechanisms, data mining and data warehousing tools are also used in reporting processes. Business Intelligence increases visibility and skill in business processes that are crucial in emergencies and require quick decision-making, allowing for quick and short time preparation of complex reports.