YALIN Academy; It carries out employment projects that will meet the shortage of trained personnel who can work in companies and business partners who use lean products. With these employment projects, training is provided to many people and employment is provided.

And also;

YALIN has been conducting activities with universities for many years and organizes trainings for business partners.

Since 2010, we have completed hundreds of students with the help of this protocol which was carried out under the cooperation of the Industrialist-University throughout the Vocational High Schools of Uludağ University. We have helped our students learn in classrooms.

We have contributed to the intelligent use of business systems and their ability to graduate with the software.

In this direction, Yalın is continuing its path with new steps. Yalın collects the training activities planned under the roof of Yalın Academy with the aim of gaining qualified human resources to the IT sector.

Our aim is to graduate the student who knows how to use the software needed by the sector and the industry and to provide employment to the industry. We have successfully fulfilled this task for years and we are proud of it as Lean.

YALIN Academy; It aims to train experts in Lean Solutions, to increase the competence of company employees who use Lean solutions and to help them reflect these competencies in business processes. For this purpose; With the trainings provided by experienced and expert staff prepared for all Lean products Users, YALIN Partners and ERP Expert candidates who want to develop themselves on these issues, the participants are given the chance to receive detailed training in Lean Solutions and personal development.